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Author: suxen_drol
Date: Tue Sep 13 12:12:15 2005 UTC (17 years, 6 months ago)
Log Message:
Field interlaced decoding, contributed by Christoph Kuehnel

- Some new defines for DIV
- <decoder_mb_decode> modified: had wrong address offsets for interlaced
- <decoder_mbinter_field> = new function for interlaced
- <get_motion_vector_interlaced> = new function for interlaced motion vector prediction
- <decoder_pframe> modified so that it differs between frame and field prediction

- For field motion prediction MACORBLOCK has new member that is the average of
  field1 and field2 motion vector = <mvs_avg>

- For field predicted macroblocks we need new field oriented transfer functions.
  For colour calculations they may only process 4 lines (one field from the colour
  macroblock that is 8x8). So I introduced 4 new function pointers:
  <transfer8x4_copy, interpolate8x4_ ...)

- _DEBUG code; index is checked against 64

- New 8x4 functions

- New function <get_pmv2_interlaced> for interlaced prediciton according to spec

- New 8x4 function

Changed paths:

Path Details
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/AUTHORS modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/bitstream/mbcoding.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/decoder.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/global.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/image/interpolate8x8.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/image/interpolate8x8.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/image/x86_asm/interpolate8x8_3dn.asm modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/image/x86_asm/interpolate8x8_3dne.asm modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/image/x86_asm/interpolate8x8_mmx.asm modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/image/x86_asm/interpolate8x8_xmm.asm modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/prediction/mbprediction.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/prediction/mbprediction.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/utils/mem_transfer.c modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/utils/mem_transfer.h modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/utils/x86_asm/mem_transfer_3dne.asm modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/utils/x86_asm/mem_transfer_mmx.asm modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/xvidcore/src/xvid.c modified , text changed

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