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Author: edgomez
Date: Thu Sep 11 14:12:16 2003 UTC (20 years ago)
Log Message:
   * Win32 files switched to Unix format.
      Ok, on IRC, we sorted out what was b0rking the project files each
      time I commit them in DOS format. In fact the Unix CVS does upload
      DOS format files if i commit them, and then Win32 CVS users get
      double \r\n files. So the best is to use unix format in CVS. This
      way, the checked out versions are right for Win32 users.

      NB: this imply a unix2dos conversion when doing a release from a
          Unix box. I think it's better than current policy, but
          automatic tarballs/zip of the tree should take care of that.

    * odivx and xvid_stat examples removed. Associated project files
      have been removed as well.

    * The divx4 compatibility layer has been removed. Associated options
      in the configure script removed. libxvidcore.def has no more need
      to be an autoconf generated file.

    * rawdec removed. It has never been used and will never be.

    * Added major api appending to the macosx module build.

Changed paths:

Path Details
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/build/generic/Makefile modified , text changed
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/build/generic/configure.in modified , text changed
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/build/generic/libxvidcore.def.in deleted
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/build/win32/odivx_enc_dec.dsp deleted
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/build/win32/xvid_stat.dsp deleted
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/build/win32/xvidcore.dsw modified , text changed
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/examples/odivx_enc_dec.c deleted
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/examples/xvid_stat.c deleted
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/rawdec/ deleted
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/src/divx4.c deleted
Directorybranches/dev-api-4/xvidcore/src/divx4.h deleted

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