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Thu May 19 09:35:09 2011 UTC (11 years, 10 months ago) by Isibaar
File size: 1054 byte(s)
Introducing xvidextra: A collection of useful scripts, apps and plugins on top of xvidcore...
  <fullName>Xvid Video Codec</fullName>
  <vendor>Xvid Team</vendor>
  <!-- Make sure the file has the .exe suffix (IB automatically append a numeric suffix if a file with the same name exists when downloading the installer) --> 
      <deleteFile path="${system_temp_directory}/xvidupdate.exe"/>
      <renameFile origin="${downloadedFilePath}" destination="${system_temp_directory}/xvidupdate.exe"/> 
      <setInstallerVariable name="downloadedFilePath" value="${system_temp_directory}/xvidupdate.exe"/>
    <programArguments>/c ${downloadedFilePath.dos} &amp;</programArguments>

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