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xvidextra - useful tools and addons

1) xvidextra - Overview

The xvidextra package is a collection of useful tools and addons to
complement xvidcore. In contrast to xvidcore, the pieces that make
up xvidextra are not necessarily aimed to be platform independent. 

Currently, xvidextra consists of the following parts:

- installer:        the necessary scripts to build a windows
                    installer of Xvid (needs: Bitrock InstallBuilder)

- apps/miniconvert: a tiny (and simple) media converter application
                    for windows that converts various input to 
                    Xvid+MP3 AVI.

2) Documentation

- installer/howto.txt. Otherwise, none so far. Yeah.

3) Licensing:

- the tools contained in xvidextra are licensed under the terms 
  of the GNU General Public License unless something different is
  explicitely specified. Refer to LICENSE in xvidextra root dir.

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