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ia64_asm/  321  20 years  ia64p  slower implementation, without rounding errors
ppc_asm/  1606  17 years  edgomez  Merged 2 fixes from my branch and the ChangeLog update
x86_asm/  1834  13 years  Isibaar  ASM clean-up patch by Carlo Bramix
colorspace.c  1759  15 years  chl  Added support for RGB colorspace. Incredible that after 5 years, this still wasn...
colorspace.h  1795  13 years  Isibaar  Unified elf64/win64 X86_64 support
font.c  1653  16 years  suxen_drol  cleanings in code spotted by sparse (ed dot gomez at free dot fr>
font.h  1382  18 years  edgomez  xvidcore 1.0.0 rc3 merge back to HEAD
image.c  1815  13 years  Isibaar  bugfix: prevent access violation if width/height is not multiple of 2
image.h  1733  15 years  Skal   + added a simple de-interlacing func (c + sse version), declare...
interpolate8x8.c  1632  16 years  suxen_drol  Field interlaced decoding, contributed by Christoph Kuehnel decoder.c =========...
interpolate8x8.h  1795  13 years  Isibaar  Unified elf64/win64 X86_64 support
postprocessing.c  1805  13 years  Isibaar  brightness control fix
postprocessing.h  1493  18 years  suxen_drol  Dcoder's sse2 brightness code xvid.h vbv comments
qpel.c  1795  13 years  Isibaar  Unified elf64/win64 X86_64 support
qpel.h  1795  13 years  Isibaar  Unified elf64/win64 X86_64 support
reduced.c  1466  18 years  edgomez  Merging release-1_0 fixes
reduced.h  1795  13 years  Isibaar  Unified elf64/win64 X86_64 support

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