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mesh/  178  19 years  chenm001  no message
prediction/  286  19 years  chl  Step towards blocks based interpolation ME: get_ipmv/get_ipmvdata
dct/  302  19 years  ia64p  further aggerssive optimizations
motion/  374  19 years  chl  Ooops, first bugfix was an outdated version and the CVS got stuck...
bitstream/  388  19 years  h  interlacing bugfix (inter cbp behaviour)
image/  389  19 years  h  interlacing bugfix (edging behaviour)
utils/  390  19 years  h  interlacing bug fix - to comply with spec, no field blocks at boundary
quant/  391  19 years  edgomez  Reentrancy problem fixed in adaptive code
decoder.h  315  19 years  albeu  Add 'per slice' rendering aka DR method 2
xvid.h  352  19 years  chl  new global flag XVID_GR[EA]YSCALE to ignore chroma components when encoding
divx4.h  381  19 years  Isibaar  shatty's beos patch
decoder.c  388  19 years  h  interlacing bugfix (inter cbp behaviour)
divx4.c  398  19 years  edgomez  - Removed History from file header. - Moved Peter copyright to the top of the fi...
encoder.h  404  19 years  edgomez  Added $Id$ keyword again.
encoder.c  405  19 years  edgomez  Added $Id$ keyword again
global.h  406  19 years  edgomez  - Added legal header - Added copyright (temporary set to Michael)
portab.h  407  19 years  edgomez  - Added legal header - Temporary copyright
xvid.c  410  19 years  edgomez  Added $Id$ keyword again

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