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utils/  375  21 years  Isibaar  updated coeff thresholding to Radek's decision criteria
motion/  374  21 years  chl  Ooops, first bugfix was an outdated version and the CVS got stuck...
quant/  367  21 years  suxen_drol  sse2 dequant funcs revamped
bitstream/  347  21 years  chl  Modified SKIP mb behaviour for Pframes when Bframes are active: Check if interme...
image/  333  21 years  Isibaar  qpel decoding support
dct/  302  21 years  ia64p  further aggerssive optimizations
prediction/  286  21 years  chl  Step towards blocks based interpolation ME: get_ipmv/get_ipmvdata
mesh/  178  21 years  chenm001  no message
portab.h  381  21 years  Isibaar  shatty's beos patch
divx4.h  381  21 years  Isibaar  shatty's beos patch
encoder.c  369  21 years  chl  Use MBTransQuantInterBVOP (skips work) for small B-frame speedup
encoder.h  366  21 years  chl  New variable pEnc->last_sync for (more) correct time-codes in B-frames mode. Not...
decoder.c  356  21 years  chenm001  fix the first frame is green wrong
xvid.h  352  21 years  chl  new global flag XVID_GR[EA]YSCALE to ignore chroma components when encoding
global.h  338  21 years  chl  New fields deltamv, directmv[4] in Macroblock for more logical B-frame ME
xvid.c  329  21 years  suxen_drol  sad[16,8]_mmx, sad[16,8]_3dn, sad8_xmm
divx4.c  324  21 years  suxen_drol  frame_drop_ratio
decoder.h  315  21 years  albeu  Add 'per slice' rendering aka DR method 2

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