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motion/  303  18 years  ia64p  fixes some bug with claiming the wrong fp registers
dct/  302  18 years  ia64p  further aggerssive optimizations
bitstream/  294  18 years  chenm001  support the decode examples in ex1
image/  291  18 years  ia64p  removing rounding bug, that yields pink color drift in P-frames
prediction/  286  18 years  chl  Step towards blocks based interpolation ME: get_ipmv/get_ipmvdata
quant/  270  18 years  chl  Function prototypes for dequant_inter_xmm, dequant_intra_xmm
utils/  259  18 years  chl  Minor modifications for supporting multithreaded ME. Without _SMP symbol there s...
mesh/  178  18 years  chenm001  no message
xvid.c  299  18 years  ia64p  Global assembler optimization of halfpel8_refine, via inlinig of sad for ia64
decoder.c  297  18 years  chenm001  fix my some wrong with b-frame deocde at direct mode
xvid.h  295  18 years  suxen_drol  XVID_ENC_PARAM->num_threads
encoder.c  295  18 years  suxen_drol  XVID_ENC_PARAM->num_threads
encoder.h  295  18 years  suxen_drol  XVID_ENC_PARAM->num_threads
global.h  287  18 years  chl  Minor bugfix.
portab.h  283  18 years  ia64p  Inserted preliminary support for intel's ecc in portab.h
decoder.h  272  18 years  chenm001  fix my wrong moment ago
divx4.c  238  18 years  suxen_drol  added font.c, sgi-irix64 makefile, dx50bvop working
divx4.h  195  18 years  edgomez  Cosmetic - CodingStyle Applied - Legal Headers will be added later

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