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src/  1706  13 years  Skal   + faster yv12->yuyv / uyvy MMX functions patch suggested by Car...
debian/  1697  13 years  Isibaar  - debian patch by GomGom
dshow/  1689  13 years  suxen_drol  add debug.c
build/  1694  13 years  syskin  detect pthreads and add proper linking flags if they are found. patch by caro fr...
examples/  1683  13 years  syskin  support -threads parameter (defaults to zero)
vfw/  1702  13 years  syskin  write stats file in the same directory as target file, not in root directory
doc/  1386  15 years  edgomez  xvidcore 1.0.0 rc3 merge back to HEAD
AUTHORS  1632  13 years  suxen_drol  Field interlaced decoding, contributed by Christoph Kuehnel decoder.c =========...
ChangeLog-1.0  1582  14 years  edgomez  Merged release-1 branch patches + changelogs update
LICENSE  851  16 years  edgomez  Moved dev-api-3 to HEAD -- Nasty but efficient -- Merging work has been done too...
ChangeLog  1648  13 years  suxen_drol  TODO/Changelog update
TODO  1648  13 years  suxen_drol  TODO/Changelog update
CodingStyle  1382  15 years  edgomez  xvidcore 1.0.0 rc3 merge back to HEAD
README  1382  15 years  edgomez  xvidcore 1.0.0 rc3 merge back to HEAD

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