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bitstream/  2180  2 years  Isibaar  Backporting patches from HEAD
dct/  1987  11 years  Isibaar  deleted deprecated README.IJG
image/  2196  2 years  Isibaar  Fix potential out-of-bound read (Credit to OSS-Fuzz)
motion/  2180  2 years  Isibaar  Backporting patches from HEAD
plugins/  2056  10 years  Isibaar  Reverted change to max_quant calculation. Users prefer the former behavior...
prediction/  1985  11 years  Isibaar  enabled auto-props property
quant/  2188  2 years  Isibaar  Fix stupid regression due to wrong brackets...
utils/  2053  10 years  Isibaar  Fix for possible overflow in trellis quant...
decoder.c  2198  6 months  Isibaar  Fix regression with XVID_CSP_INTERNAL output (thanks to Sven Hesse!)
decoder.h  1985  11 years  Isibaar  enabled auto-props property
encoder.c  2099  7 years  Isibaar  Fix for multi-threading bug in case of input video height <= 16 pixels. Patch by...
encoder.h  1985  11 years  Isibaar  enabled auto-props property
global.h  2180  2 years  Isibaar  Backporting patches from HEAD
nasm.inc  2164  3 years  Isibaar  always use .text for machine (Patch by Peter Ross)
portab.h  2145  5 years  Isibaar  AmigaOS patch by Fredrik Wikstrom.
xvid.c  2190  2 years  Isibaar  Ramp up version number
xvid.h  2190  2 years  Isibaar  Ramp up version number

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