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Tue Jun 10 10:07:03 2003 UTC (20 years, 3 months ago) by suxen_drol
File size: 746 byte(s)
Quantizer histogram and encoding status window
#ifndef _STATUS_H_
#define _STATUS_H_

#include <windows.h>

typedef struct
    double fps;

    HWND hDlg;
    HWND hGraph;
    HDC hDc;

    unsigned int width;
    unsigned int width31;
    unsigned int height;
    unsigned int stride;
    unsigned char * buffer;

    BITMAPINFO * bi;

    int count[4];
    int min_quant[4];
    int max_quant[4];
    int quant[31];
    int max_quant_frames;
    int min_length[4];
    int max_length[4];
    int tot_length[4];
} status_t;

void status_create(status_t * s, unsigned int fps_inc, unsigned int fps_base);
void status_update(status_t *s, int type, int length, int quant);
void status_destroy(status_t *s);
void status_destroy_always(status_t *s);

#endif /* _STATUS_H_ */

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