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Thu Apr 10 13:05:54 2003 UTC (19 years, 11 months ago) by edgomez
File size: 3566 byte(s)
2003-04-10 GMT	Edouard Gomez <ed.gomez@free.fr>	patch-14

      Removed all ABS() macros.

    All  ABS   macros  have   been  replace  with   their  stdlib.h/math.h
    equivalent. This gives a 33%  overall speedup for the plain C encoder,
    while the  ia32 one seems to  suffer a small speed  loss. However this
    speed loss is  very small and it  seems it depends on the  CPU type as
    the abs/fabs usage  is impacting badly on sad  functions but impacting
    well on interpolate functions ... weird inst'it ?

    modified files:
     src/bitstream/mbcoding.c src/global.h src/image/image.c
     src/motion/motion_comp.c src/motion/motion_est.c
     src/motion/sad.c src/prediction/mbprediction.c
     src/utils/mbtransquant.c src/xvid.c
#ifndef _GLOBAL_H_
#define _GLOBAL_H_

#include "xvid.h"
#include "portab.h"

/* --- macroblock modes --- */

#define MODE_INTER		0
#define MODE_INTER_Q	1
#define MODE_INTER4V	2
#define	MODE_INTRA		3
#define MODE_INTRA_Q	4
#define MODE_NOT_CODED	16

/* --- bframe specific --- */

#define MODE_DIRECT			0
#define MODE_BACKWARD		2
#define MODE_FORWARD		3
#define MODE_DIRECT_NO4V	5

// vop coding types 
// intra, prediction, backward, sprite, not_coded
#define I_VOP	0
#define P_VOP	1
#define B_VOP	2
#define S_VOP	3
#define N_VOP	4

/* convert mpeg-4 coding type i/p/b/s_VOP to XVID_TYPE_xxx */
static __inline int
coding2type(int coding_type)
	return coding_type + 1;

/* convert XVID_TYPE_xxx to bitstream coding type i/p/b/s_VOP */
static __inline int
type2coding(int xvid_type)
	return xvid_type - 1;

typedef struct
	int x;
	int y;

typedef struct 
	VECTOR duv[3];

/* save all warping parameters for GMC once and for all, instead of 
   recalculating for every block. This is needed for encoding&decoding
   When switching to incremental calculations, this will get much shorter 

/*	we don't include WARPPOINTS wp	here, but in FRAMEINFO itself */

typedef struct 
	int num_wp;		//	[input]: 0=none, 1=translation, 2,3 = warping
							//  a value of -1 means: "structure not initialized!"
	int s;					//  [input]: calc is done with 1/s pel resolution

	int W;
	int H;
	int ss;		
	int smask;	
	int sigma;     
	int r;		
	int rho;	

	int i0s;
	int j0s;
	int i1s;
	int j1s;
	int i2s;
	int j2s;
	int i1ss; 
	int j1ss; 
	int i2ss; 
	int j2ss; 

	int alpha;
	int beta;
	int Ws; 
	int Hs; 
	int dxF, dyF, dxG, dyG; 
	int Fo, Go;
	int cFo, cGo;

typedef struct
	uint8_t *y;
	uint8_t *u;
	uint8_t *v;

typedef struct
	uint32_t bufa;
	uint32_t bufb;
	uint32_t buf;
	uint32_t pos;
	uint32_t *tail;
	uint32_t *start;
	uint32_t length;
	uint32_t initpos;

#define MBPRED_SIZE  15

typedef struct
	// decoder/encoder 
	VECTOR mvs[4];

	short int pred_values[6][MBPRED_SIZE];
	int acpred_directions[6];

	int mode;
	int quant;					// absolute quant

	int field_dct;
	int field_pred;
	int field_for_top;
	int field_for_bot;

	// encoder specific

	VECTOR mv16;
	VECTOR pmvs[4];
	VECTOR qmvs[4];				// mvs in quarter pixel resolution

	int32_t sad8[4];			// SAD values for inter4v-VECTORs
	int32_t sad16;				// SAD value for inter-VECTOR

	int dquant;
	int cbp;

	// bframe stuff

	VECTOR b_mvs[4];
	VECTOR b_qmvs[4];

	int mb_type;

	// stuff for block based ME (needed for Qpel ME)
	// backup of last integer ME vectors/sad

	VECTOR amv; // average motion vectors from GMC 
	int32_t mcsel;

/* This structure has become way to big! What to do? Split it up?   */ 


static __inline uint32_t
get_dc_scaler(uint32_t quant,
			  uint32_t lum)
	if (quant < 5)
		return 8;

	if (quant < 25 && !lum)
		return (quant + 13) / 2;

	if (quant < 9)
		return 2 * quant;

	if (quant < 25)
		return quant + 8;

	if (lum)
		return 2 * quant - 16;
		return quant - 6;

// useful macros

#define MIN(X, Y) ((X)<(Y)?(X):(Y))
#define MAX(X, Y) ((X)>(Y)?(X):(Y))
/* #define ABS(X)    (((X)>0)?(X):-(X)) */
#define SIGN(X)   (((X)>0)?1:-1)
#define CLIP(X,AMIN,AMAX)   (((X)<(AMIN)) ? (AMIN) : ((X)>(AMAX)) ? (AMAX) : (X))
#define DIV_DIV(a,b)    (((a)>0) ? ((a)+((b)>>1))/(b) : ((a)-((b)>>1))/(b))
#define SWAP(_T_,A,B)    { _T_ tmp = A; A = B; B = tmp; }

#endif							/* _GLOBAL_H_ */

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