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Sun Nov 30 16:13:16 2003 UTC (19 years, 3 months ago) by edgomez
File size: 2039 byte(s)
* Thread safe MPEG4 quantization functions.
  Cleaned up version of patch provided by Michael
   - fixed compiling problems on gcc
   - added const qualifiers every where it was possible to help C compiler
   - added the mpeg_quant_matrices param to all ASM function prototype
     in comments (even if it's not used, that shows we do it deliberatly)
   - forces m[intra][0][0] = 8, otherwise XviD could write invalid streams.
* Added real CRC computing in xvid_bench.c

This file lists the TODO items stll pending for the 1.0 release.

Active Items to work on:

* update vfw & dshow decoder frontends
  - GUI isn't perfect for vfw and dshow still links against xvid.dll
    which doesn't export internal functions anymore because of the
    license change. 
* decide on vfw & dshow linking policy. presently we statically link,
    however this increases the size of zips/packages where both vfw &
    dshow are included.
* update/fix CBR plugin
  - misses target bitrate, bitrate burst in static motion/high motion
* bug hunting (ed.gomez/sysKin)
  - xvidcore is still a place where bugs feel confortable
* docbook writing (every developer should contribute)
  - New API has to be documented.
* two pass code should not introduce quality regressions (every tester)
* YV12/I420/USER clarification
  - item submited by Ivan Kalvachev <ivan at cacad.com>
    Planes are swaped
* Interlacing is broken
  - item submited by Ivan Kalvachev <ivan at cacad.com>
    Artefacts for all interlaced blocks.
* MMX MPEG4 quantization is unprecise. This is probably an inherent
  problem in some MMX opcode precision.

Already completed items:

* remove divx4 api (ed.gomez)
* remove VOP_TYPE enumerations (peter)
* remove HINTed ME stuff (ed.gomez)
* xvid_image_t/xvid_gbl_convert_t (peter)
* xvid_global structs (peter)
* errors codes (peter)
* xvid_decoder structs (peter)
* apply encoder api changes "HEAPS" (peter)
* rawdec (use xvid_decraw instead) (ed.gomez)
* Support for GMC 3 warp points (christoph)
* New Qpel code (michael)
* ME splitting and ME improvements (sysKin)
* New unix build process (ed.gomez)
* New thread/instance safe sse2 code (p.massimino)
* INSTALL guide for Unix and Win32 (ed.gomez)
* dshow static link to libxvidcore.lib (peter)
* update/fix Lumimasking (sysKin)
* trellis for mpeg and relaxed optimization for big levels (skal)
* thread safe mpeg quantizing (michael)

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