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Sat Nov 15 03:10:42 2003 UTC (19 years, 10 months ago) by suxen_drol
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qpel_mmx.asm missing from libxvidcore.dsp
updated TODO.

This file lists the TODO items stll pending for the 1.0 release.

Active Items to work on:

* update vfw & dshow decoder frontends
  - GUI isn't perfect for vfw and dshow still links against xvid.dll
    which doesn't export internal functions anymore because of the license
* decide on vfw & dshow linking policy. presently we statically link,
    however this increases the size of zips/packages where both vfw &
    dshow are included.
* update/fix 2pass plugin
  - Commited but needs additional testing/feedback (ed.gomez)
* update/fix CBR plugin
  - misses target bitrate, bitrate burst in static motion/high motion
* update/fix Lumimasking
  - doesn't take care of frame type (plugin framework problem, before
    operation is done before type is known). Taking care of frame type
    is important because bframe allowed dquants aren't the same as
    i/pframes allowed dquants
* bug hunting (ed.gomez/sysKin)
  - xvidcore is still a place were bugs feel confortable
* quant matrix usage (not thread nor instance safe)
  - i (ed.gomez) started an API change to matrix related functions
    (quant_mpeg_xxx). But the remaining problem is that matrices should
    be put in FRAMEINFO structures, and matrices should be pushed down 
    through many function calls. I had no idea how to do that w/o
    hacking nastly.
* docbook writing (ed.gomez)
  - New API has to be documented.

Already completed items:

* remove divx4 api (ed.gomez)
* remove VOP_TYPE enumerations (peter)
* remove HINTed ME stuff (ed.gomez)
* xvid_image_t/xvid_gbl_convert_t (peter)
* xvid_global structs (peter)
* errors codes (peter)
* xvid_decoder structs (peter)
* apply encoder api changes "HEAPS" (peter)
* rawdec (use xvid_decraw instead) (ed.gomez)
* Support for GMC 3 warp points (christoph)
* New Qpel code (michael)
* ME splitting and ME improvements (sysKin)
* New unix build process (ed.gomez)
* New thread/instance safe sse2 code (p.massimino)
* INSTALL guide for Unix and Win32 (ed.gomez)
* dshow static link to libxvidcore.lib (peter)

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